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Dermalogica Gentle Soothing Booster Protects Sensitive Skin

Best Product for Sensitive SkinDermalogica’s Gentle Soothing Booster is one of the many highly regarded products created for sensitive skin by this company.  The Dermalogica skin care system was developed in 1986 by the International Dermal Institute to create skin care products that would bring results, healing irritated skin and protecting it from the environment without using harsh ingredients. They knew there had to be a better way to encourage smoother healthier skin than by using fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol or other ingredients that can damage or irritate skin.

Through the latest advances of science and technology Dermalogica has some of the best products for sensitive skin as well as normal skin. The key ingredients in these products include natural substances such as honey and plant extracts.

One of Dermalogica’s best products for sensitive skin is their Gentle Soothing Booster. This is a great lotion for calming and hydrating inflamed or sensitive skin. Its oil-free, soothing botanicals are great for any skin, but its herbal extracts especially help protect sensitive skin.

It only takes a small dab of this product whose main ingredients are natural red raspberry extract, chamomile extract, cornflower and honey massaged into clean skin to receive the concentrated effects of soothing, calming and hydrating your sensitive skin. If you have skin that tends to get irritated easily due to acne or other irritants, the natural red raspberry extract along with the flower extracts will help reduce this irritation, while the honey re-moisturizes.

Dermalogica products have been used on the set of several PBS series including Providence, Ally McBeal, Spin City and Boston Public. This indicates the high regard for this company’s products because only the best skin care products are used by actors and actresses.

What everyday people say about the Gentle Soothing Booster is that it is very effective, although it may be a little pricey. I have found this product for sensitive skin can run anywhere from $24 at to $45 at, one of the pioneers of virtual skin care, for a 1 oz. bottle.   At you will receive a discount after your first purchase of any product and the discount goes up with every purchase up to your 20th purchase and then remains at that level of discount. They do stand behind their products and offer only the best in skin care.

So if you’re looking for a quick way to reduce the redness of irritated skin, especially of the face, then one of the best products for sensitive skin can be found in Dermalogica’s Gentle Soothing Booster. I believe you will be happy with the results.

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Beneficial Qualities of African Shea Oil

African Shea Oil

All Natural Wild Crafted African Shea Oil

For protection and regeneration of the skin, one of the best “oils” you can possibly use is African Shea Oil. I put the word “oils” in quotes because although it is an oil, it does not carry with it the greasiness you would expect from an oil that you apply to your skin. I think the term “oil” may be a hindrance to some people who want smoother healthier skin yet don’t want their skin to feel oily from something they have applied. Don’t let that stop you from using African Shea Oil because it absorbs into your skin quickly, leaving it feeling smooth, fresh and healthy, not oily or greasy.

African Shea Oil comes from the seeds within the nut of the Karite (kar-ree-tay) tree, which grows in West Africa. These trees can live up to 300 years and don’t even start producing their first nuts until they are about 25 years old, reaching full production at about the age of 40 to 50 years. The nut is edible and contains one to 3 seeds within its thin brittle hull.

In Africa the Shea Oil serves many purposes from therapy for colds and flu to cooking to healing cracks in feet brought on by the dry Sahara desert to making candles. It’s also used on babies to protect their skin from irritants.

10 Beneficial Qualities of  African Shea Oil

1. It is high in vitamins A, E and F. Vitamin F is found in products with omega-3 and omega-6 and is necessary for repairing and creating tissue within the body.

2. It is hypoallergenic, so it’s a great alternative for those who have sensitive skin or have skin allergies to the chemicals in other lotion products. It is also great for infants with their sensitive skin.

3. It helps firm up aging skin that is beginning to sag by rejuvenating the skin cells.

4. It is excellent for every type of dry skin problem from mere dryness to cracks, rashes and psoriasis.

5. Skin irritations from bug bites, sunburn, allergies, etc. respond positively to the application of African Shea Oil.

6. It is also great for rejuvenating your hair. If you have dry, brittle hair from perms or sun exposure, applying a small amount of this oil to your hair and scalp will soften, moisturize and revitalize both your scalp and hair. It does not clog pores or block hair shafts as petroleum based oils will.

7. African Shea Oil is also deep penetrating and soothing to arthritic joints and sore muscles.

8. It may also cause the fading of scar tissue and stretch marks if used daily, especially with early scarring.

9. It’s great when used by massage therapists, as it allows a smooth gliding surface for hands manipulating the skin and has deep penetrating healing properties.

10. It will help prevent bed sores in the elderly or anyone confined to a bed for a long period of time and keep their skin moisturized and smooth.


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African Shea Oil differs from other natural seed and nut oils in that it has not only a high percentage of moisturizing ability, but also an exceptionally large percentage of important nutrients and vitamins necessary for healing. Other seed and nut oils, although high in moisture content, usually only contain about 1% of these important healing properties. Because of this high percentage, it is very effective in healing skin problems if used regularly.

When seeking a good African Shea Oil for healing purposes, be sure it is a high quality unrefined product. As it ages or is put through high heat refinement – bleached, processed and deodorized – it loses its healing qualities but is still a great moisturizer.

What People Are Saying About African Shea Oil

According to consumers, there is not much else in the way of moisturizing lotions that can compare to the benefits and soothing sensations of African Shea Oil.

Researched comments contained the fact that Shea Oil is great for use on hair as well as skin, turning coarse hair soft, supple and healthy looking. There were even remarks that it helped hair grow faster and thicker.

Almost everyone commented on the fact that it absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves the skin smooth and soft and does not leave a greasy residue.

The few negative comments I found seemed to be directed at the consistency of the product they had purchased. It sounded like they purchased tubs of the Shea Butter, which is of a thicker consistency than the oil and needs to be warmed a little in your hands to make it easier to spread. Also, there are different brands of African Shea Oil and some work better than others. Again, it’s important to look for a high quality unrefined oil.

A couple of people mentioned that the African Shea Oil does not last all day as they had hoped, but that is easily remedied by applying it in the morning and again in the afternoon or evening.

Everything considered, African Shea Oil seems to be an exceptional moisturizing and healing oil for your skin and hair and I can safely recommend it.



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