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Get Rid of Scars With Invicible Scar Healing Cream

Invisible scar creamLike a lot of people, I have a few unsightly scars from my younger days, mostly animal related – a dog bite, a kick from a horse, a scar on my arm from trying to catch a pig. They’re small scars, but it would be nice to make them even smaller. So I have been searching around, looking for products that will diminish scars. Invicible Scar healing cream sounds like a very good one. In this post, I’ll cover what makes it different from other scar treatments, as well as what customers think of it,  how it works and where to find it.

So, What is Invicible Scar Healing Cream?

Developed by a leading plastic surgeon, Invicible Scar is an advanced treatment for scars and dark spots, which when applied regularly as directed in the instruction manual, will apparently soften and fade those unsightly scars and dark spots.

How Does It  Work?

When we have an open wound from some injury or surgery, our body tries to heal it on its own, filling in the area of the damaged normal tissue with collagen.

The 3 ingredients in this product – Stable Vit. C Complex, Silicone Gel (Dimethicone), and ProBiosyn-4 – supposedly work together to decrease the breakdown of too much tissue at a wound site.

They also calm inflammation and encourage production of normal collagen rather than the abnormal collagen that could be produced by the skin in its attempt to rapidly rebuild the damaged tissue.  These ingredients increase scar water which is necessary for faster, improved healing. They also are said to work together to soften hard tissue, reduce redness and dark spots and restore elasticity to the area that was previously tight with scar tissue.

What Types of Scars Does This Cream Work On?

Every scar may be benefited through the use of this product, some more than others. Acne scars, scars from cuts, surgery, burns and more are supposedly helped by massaging this hypoallergenic non-greasy healing cream into the skin of the scar tissue.

As far as burns go, though, it sounds like it is more apt to help partial thickness burns rather than total thickness burns which obviously cause very severe scarring.

How to Get Rid of Scars From Your Face, Especially Acne

Let’s face it, acne is one of the most annoying and embarrassing events of some young adults.  I was very lucky in that I didn’t have more than a few pimples when I was young.  But some teens are ravaged with acne, leaving severe scarring on some faces even after the acne itself is long gone.

Using Invicible Scar Cream on these scars as soon as possible gives the greatest possibility of lessening the scars to a point where they are barely noticeable.  This simple procedure, done over a period of a few weeks, can boost a young adult’s confidence level massively.  They will no longer be so self-conscious of how their face looks with all the acne scars.


before and after Invicible Scar cream

How Does Invicible Scar Healing Cream Compare to Other Applications?

Invicible Scar contains only hypoallergenic ingredients with no fragrances or preservatives. Some other creams and gels contain preservatives such as parabens, methlyparabens and formaldehyde which prevent bacteria from growing in products that contain water. These ingredients can be irritating to the skin of some people.

Another ingredient found in some scar creams is Vitamin E, which most of us have always believed to have healing benefits. However, some studies have shown that Vit E does not improve, and in fact may even worsen scar appearance. Any benefit from using Vit E products may only be from the moisturizing quality found in them.

So when you’re looking for a scar treatment, the main ingredients you want to see are Vit C Complex, Silicone Gel (Dimethicone) and ProBiosyn-4, which are found in Invicible Scar.

The ingredients you would want to stay away from:

  •  fragrances
  • preservatives
  • Vit E/Tocopheral, which could cause skin allergies

Also potentially dangerous ingredients to be avoided:

  • D4/D5 Silicones
  • Kojic acid
  • Hydroquinone

What Others Are Saying About Invicible Scar

Most reviews on Amazon are very positive concerning this product.  They say you don’t have to use very much and even after 6 weeks, there is some left over.  You do need to apply it a few times a day and it will take some time for it to start working, so don’t expect overnight results.

It has no offensive smell to it and does the job of fading most scars, making them less noticeable and making the user feel less embarrassed.

It seems to work best on newer scars, although should cause some fading of older ones too.

The product is packaged well and has detailed instructions.

Best Scar Cream for Acne Scars, Old and New Scars, Surgical Scars with Silicone and 17% Vitamin CBest Scar Cream for Acne Scars, Old and New Scars, Surgical Scars with Silicone and 17% Vitamin C


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