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Dermalogica Starter Kit May Help Firm Aging Skin

Dermalogica starter kitWith the daily environmental pollution our bodies endure, we can’t help but watch our skin begin to lose its tone and health as we age.  To combat this aging and wrinkling of the skin, you might try a skin lotion or exfoliant or skin hydrating mist or even some kind of vitamin cream.  But what if you could try all of these together?  The Dermalogica Starter Kit contains all of these and more.

This starter kit contains everything you need for a daily regimen to help your skin become firmer, healthier, smoother and younger looking.

Age Smart products are supposedly the only skin care products designed to specifically prevent the biological triggers that can cause skin aging while also treating the signs of aging skin.  These products are said to provide you with firmer, smoother healthier skin.

What Is Included in the Dermalogica Starter Kit

To begin with you will have the Skin Resurfacing Cleanser in a 1 oz. size that is said to dramatically smooth your skin’s texture with daily use by exfoliating the surface cells.  This prepares your skin for absorbing the moisture products.  This cleanser contains Rose Flower Oil to calm sensitivity, along with antioxidant vit. E to help soften and condition the skin.  All you do is first dampen your face, then take a very small amount of the cleanser, work it into a lather and apply to your face and throat.  Then rinse with warm water.

Next you have the Antioxidant Hydramist, in a 1 oz. size, which is a spray-on mist that hydrates dry skin and supposedly improves the texture.  This blend of Vit E, white tea and licorice fights to protect your skin against damaging free radicals.  The collagen-stimulating peptides and vit. C work to firm and elasticize your skin.  It also contains pea extract, which firms the skin as well.  Dehydrated skin is helped by the hyaluronic acid.  Clove and rose extracts are included to supposedly calm and refresh the skin.

You can use this refreshing spritz misted over your makeup throughout the day and spray it directly on your face and throat after cleansing.  Be careful not to get it in your eyes.

The Multivitamin Thermafoliant comes in a .5 oz. size and is a powerful skin polisher containing physical and chemical exfoliants that gently work to remove the dulling skin cells, revealing smoother healthier skin.  This is said to help with the penetration of the vitamins into your skin which will help fight off the aging process of your skin.  The ingredients in this thermafoliant supposedly will help to stimulate cell turnover, enhance the skin’s natural exfoliation process, brighten skin tone, provide defense against damaging free radicals, and help the skin becoming more firm.

You apply this thermafoliant  in a circular motion for a couple minutes to dampened skin, then rinse.  You can also use it on dry skin for a more intense effect.

Another product in this kit is the Multivitamin Power Firm in a .17 oz. size.  If you are concerned about wrinkle lines around your mouth and eyes, this product is meant to firm up those areas and smooth out the lines.  It uses highly concentrated seaweed-based firming agents and vitamins that repair and smooth out these sensitive areas and protect them from further damage with the healing shield of organic silicones.

For the best results, use this product morning and night, smoothing it around your eyes and mouth, concentrating on the noticeable lines.

The Dynamic Skin Recovery product has an SPF of 30 and comes in a .034 oz. size.  This is a hydrating emollient moisturizer to be used daily by applying generously to the face and neck areas after cleansing and toning and preferably 1/2 hour before going out in the sun.

The last item in this starter kit is the Dermalogica AGE smart™ Renewal Lip Complex, which comes in a .06 fluid oz. size.  This is to be used daily to smooth out rough lips, applying two or more times during the day.

So if you’re looking for some products to help firm and smooth out aging skin, especially of the face and neck, the Dermalogica Starter Kit may be the way to get started in the right direction.  They seem to have put together several products that sound to me like they are highly geared toward bringing you back to smoother healthier skin.


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