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Dermaheal Offers Many Products For Smoother Healthier Skin

Dermaheal ProductThe brand name Dermaheal is perhaps the most recognized leader in cosmeceutical products in the world, with its growth factors and peptides formulated for mature and dry skin types.

What Do Growth Factors Have to do With Dermaheal Products?

Growth factors are natural proteins made within our body which are responsible for such activities as metabolism and immunity.  As we age, our growth factor levels decrease, which is the main reason for the aging of our skin and hair.  By using their patented growth factors within their products, Dermaheal scientists are developing ways to slow the aging process of the skin.

The way this is done is by taking growth factors from epidermal and placental cells, colostrum and even plants.  These growth factors act as messengers between cells, controlling cellular activities.  They also increase the rate at which our cells grow.

Where growth factors have mainly been used in the medical industry is in the treatment of wounds. Topical treatment of a wound with growth factors speeds the healing time with less scarring.

Growth factors have also been proven to counteract the aging and sun damage of skin.  The three main areas of improvement from this is in elasticity, skin thinning and uneven skin tone.

What Kind of Products Does Dermaheal Offer?

Dermaheal offers several creams and moisturizers, products for eye care, hair and face care and skin lighteners.  Their mission is to improve the health of our body, skin and hair by providing quality products that are backed by science.

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Skin care professionals in the U.S. and all over the world, including dermatologists and plastic surgeons, use Dermaheal products to promote the health of their patients.  Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals is highly trusted by these professionals.

Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals was founded in 2001 in South Korea. It is very important to Koreans to have flawless skin, so a few scientists with Ph.D.’s in molecular biology and immunology decided to organize this company to provide quality products for those who desire that flawless skin.  After doing extensive research in biotechnology science, they formulated the signature platform technologies that now power their products.

The various conditions that may be improved, repaired and prevented by the use of these signature platform technologies include aging of the skin, hyper pigmentation, hair loss, scar tissue, acne and sun damage.

These Dermaheal products are the closest you can get to prescription medication without actually getting a prescription.  They are very high quality, safe and effective.

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