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Product Reviews

We do NOT accept any direct compensation for reviewing products. In most cases we have direct experience with the products that we review either due to personal interest or because users have requested such a review. In some cases, the seller may send us a product for review purposes which we would have to send back later. Whether I buy or receive the products for review does not impact the review in any way.

Many of the companies and manufacturers we reference offer affiliate programs. We participate in these programs as a way to promote companies that we feel are good players in the industry as well as earn something for our efforts. So, if you purchase something after following one of our links we may receive a referral fee.

We take great pride in the fact that our reviews reflect an honest opinion.  Every user we are able to help make a good decision when purchasing a skin product is another reason to feel good about running this site.


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Other Products

There are various other products mentioned on the site that we cover and may participate in an affiliate program for that product. As said before, if you purchase one of these products after following a link from this site, we may receive a referral fee.

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