How to Get Smoother Healthier Skin

How to Get Smooth SkinThank you for visiting my site reviewing skin care products and offering information on how to get and keep smoother, healthier skin throughout our aging process.  Getting older is just a fact of life, but none of us likes to watch our skin go from youthful tautness to the bagginess of our aging years.   As we get older, our body, skin and hair are effected by man-made and natural elements.  We wonder how to get smooth skin to replace the dry wrinkled skin we look at every day.

Natural things we can do to get smooth skin:

1. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables is not only healthy for your body, but also for your skin because of the nutrients and water that help moisturize and heal.

2. These, along with the benefits of lean proteins and whole grains, may have a positive effect on the tone and texture of your skin, especially facial, according to Mary Lupo, MD, clinical professor of dermatology at Tulane University School of Medicine.

3. Eating fish every week can help hydrate the skin because of the omega-3 fatty acids contained within.

4. Exercise is another answer as to how to get smoother healthier skin. Whether walking, running or swimming, the movement of our bodies causes blood flow to increase in circulation to all parts of our body including our skin, bringing nutrients and hydration.

But as we age, our bodies experience reduced communication within our skin. This results in decreased collagen production, collagen being the proteins that form strong fibers which serve as connective tissue between cells. The other result is a collection of degraded elastin fibers, meaning they have lost their elasticity.

These two conditions result in the visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles, thin skin, sagging and loss of general skin tone.

The foods mentioned above do help hydrate our skin and lessen the drying effects of aging, but they don’t actually reduce wrinkles or improve elasticity.

How to get Smoother Healthier Skin With the Help of Biomimetic Peptides

Biomimetic Peptides are synthetic compounds of amino acids which become messengers in the skin by imitating the function of growth factors, which are chemical messengers between cells. As we age, our growth factor levels decrease, so by introducing Biomimetic Peptides to our bodies through specific products, we allow more efficient communication between the inner and outer layers of skin, strengthening the connective tissue fibers and regaining some elasticity.

Dermaheal has used the cutting edge science of molecular biology to produce Biomimetic Peptides. By incorporating them into their products, they have formulated their ingredients to mimic the biological conditions found in the skin of a healthy young person.

The answer to keeping our skin looking and feeling young is found in what we eat, how we exercise and what products we use on our skin.